California Town To Start Charging Up To $400 For 911 Calls

The town of Tracy, California has come up with a new plan to make money: you’ll have to pay between $48-400 to call 911. I wonder if Tracy is planning on giving the caller the bill over the phone–they might be able to chain 911 calls together by giving the first caller a heart attack, thereby prompting someone else to call, and so on. Money!

Here’s the pricing breakdown: if you want unlimited 911 calling for emergencies year round, you can pay a flat annual fee of $48. You don’t have to pay that, but if you end up calling 911 and you aren’t a member of the 911 club, you’ll be charged $300. According to our tipster, out-of-towners will be charged $400. Nobody will receive a free t-shirt, although I think the city council should consider that as part of a premium subscription offering.

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