Chevy Resurrects John Mellencamp "Our Country" Ads For Olympics

If you’ve been having flashbacks to the fall of 2007 while watching the Olympics on NBC this week, you might want to blame Chevy, who decided to dust off their love-it-or-hate-it “Our Country” ad campaign for the winter games in Vancouver.

As you may remember, when Chevy first bombarded the airwaves (especially during baseball and football games) with Johnny Cougar’s patriotic jingle, there was a backlash that resulted in everything from a Newsweek editorial begging them to stop, to an anti-Chevy movement on ESPN to the creation of more than a dozen Facebook groups dedicated to hating these TV spots.

At the time, Chevy called the ads a “success,” though they apparently had no positive effect on sales.

So, more than two years later, what do you think?

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