New York City: Where Manholes Explode And Destroy Radio Shack (With Video!)

Manholes have been exploding more than usual in NYC lately. For those of you who have never lived in NYC, the street randomly explodes at pretty frequent intervals. Sometimes it’s a steam pipe, sometimes it’s electrical. Right now firefighters are putting out a Radio Shack that was a little too close to an exploding manhole/transformer situation. We have video of that, plus three other recent explosions.

After Radio Shack (note the calm disinterest of the people who pass by), we have a transformer explosion in Brooklyn. After that, an exploding manhole in Manhattan on 6th Street (between Avenues A and B). It’s surrounded by brave ConEd workers who we do not envy. The last one is on 29th Street. Enjoy.

A Radio Shack on Sixth Avenue Just Exploded [NY Mag]
Video: More Manhole Explosions! [Gothamist]

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