Gamers, Expect Less Guitar Hero, Zero College Hoops This Year

Kotaku dropped a couple bombshells yesterday, reporting that Activision will release only two “Hero” games this year — a new Guitar Hero and DJ Hero 2, after unleashing about a billion of them in 2009. Just about any band that wanted the Guitar Hero treatment in ’09 got it, including, uh, Van Halen.

Also, the economic slowdown has obliterated the sport of college basketball, video game adaptation-wise. A year after 2K Sports ceased its college hoops series, EA revealed it’s benching its own series as well.

The loss of a college basketball adaptation hurts me, because that’s the most thrilling sports league not named the NFL. Is anyone bent about a lack of more Guitar Hero, though?

This is the Last Dance for NCAA Basketball [Kotaku]
Activision Narrows Music Focus To Guitar And DJ Hero [Kotaku]

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