Sorry, Sally Hansen Representatives Can't Tell You Anything About Sally Hansen

The origins of the extremely popular nail care brand Sally Hansen are shrouded in mystery. The most that Beautypedia researcher Daynah Burnett says she has been able to figure out is that there was never a person named Sally Hansen. More than that is apparently on a need-to-know basis: the company doesn’t put any information on its web site, and even its customer service representatives don’t seem to know.

You may remember Daynah from the incident where an Ulta store manager forbade her to use a pen and paper inside the store. Her call to Sally Hansen customer service was less humiliating, but just as baffling.

Me: Hi! I’m doing some research and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about the Sally Hansen brand. Who is Sally Hansen? How did the company originate? Or can you put me in touch with someone who might know?

SH: Sure! I can direct you to our website. All that information is available on

Me: Actually, I started there, and there’s no “About Us” info on your site at all. Or if it is there, I’m just not seeing it.

SH: Then it should be on

Me: I tried there too, but Sally Hansen isn’t even listed as one of Coty’s affiliate brands. That’s why I thought I’d give you a call.

SH: Well, I guess that site hasn’t been updated in awhile! Can you please hold?


SH: Sorry for the long delay. I can tell you that Sally Hansen wasn’t actually a real person, and all the other company history information we have is available at

Me: Okay, that’s helpful. But I’m just not seeing where that information is on your site. Can you tell me the tab you clicked on or the URL of what you’re looking at?

SH: Did you click on Contact Us or Customer Service?

Me: Yes, I’m looking at that page now.

SH: All the company information is listed there.

Me: But there’s nothing there.

SH: Well, then, I’m told that’s all the information we have.

Me: So all the information you have is no information?

SH: Yes, all the information we have is listed there.

Me: But have you looked at the page? There’s nothing there. It’s only the customer service phone number and an email address.

SH: Well, you should send your inquiry via email and someone can get back to you.

Me: Great! Which department receives those emails?

SH: This department. Customer Service.

Me: But aren’t I talking to you now? How would emailing you help?


Me: Thank you for your time.


The front-line customer service reps are probably not all that helpful, but she’d probably get a better response from calling Coty’s New York headquarters at 212-479-4300 and asking for the public relations department…which is the number that the customer service representative should have given her.

Sally Hansen’s Hands-Off Approach to Customer Service [Beauty Bunch Blog] (Thanks, V.S.!)

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