10 Ways To Provoke An IRS Audit

Life can get a little humdrum sometimes, so why not shake things up with an IRS audit? You can’t just check off a box and get an audit, you’ve got to earn it. You’ve got to provoke them. Here’s 10 ways to get some IRS agents knocking on your door:

1. Earn more than $200,000.
2. File a loss on Schedule C.
3. Donate too much relative to your income.
4. Hire family members.
5. Do your taxes by hand, which could increase mistakes.
6. Open international bank accounts.
7. Get paid in all cash.
8. Round your numbers.
9. Transfer a big chunk from your business savings to your personal savings.
10. Don’t write off common deductions.

For more on what each one is and why, check out “How to Get Audited By the IRS” on Consumerism Commentary.

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