Dish Customers To Get Their Tetris On For $3 A Month

You can either buy Tetris for $10 or less on a billion different platforms, or you could decide to shell out a $3 monthly fee for the old standby if you’re a Dish Network subscriber, Industry Gamers reports.

So what is Tetris TV? For $2.99 per month, not only can DISH Network users play Tetris with a remote control, but they’ll also be able to compete in tournaments for prizes and post their names and scores to national leader boards managed by Oberon Media’s iTV community and service management technology, JIVE. Two types of Tetris are offered currently: Marathon and 40-Lines. Marathon features 15 challenging levels, while 40-Lines is a race to clear 40 lines in as fast a time as possible.

While paying $36 a year for a game you’ve already played way more than enough to last a lifetime doesn’t seem to be the most stunning of deals, it’s cool that the technology allows such a thing to be possible. Any Tetris Channel takers out there?

Tetris TV to Puzzle DISH Network Users [Industry Gamers via Destructoid]

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