Group Pledges To Buy No Clothing For A Year, Somehow Survive

The Great American Apparel Diet is not, as it seems at first glance, what you have to follow in order to look good in a bizarre adult romper. No, it’s a pledge that a group of women have taken to not buy any new clothing for one year. What have they learned? That people tend to buy a lot more stuff than they really need.

As one participant noted, re-evaluating and fixing up what’s already in your wardrobe is something that few people bother with when the option to buy something shiny and new is there instead.

Stacya Silverman: What I have learned from this apparel diet is that a good tailor is so important. Back to the things we don’t wear because of some minor thing, like skirt length: It is so easy to have the hem on things changed, so I have been doing this for my clothes that are too big, too long, lousy buttons, easily repaired tears, or just poor fit. Two of my skirts were so boxy and plain, and made me look like I had no shape. So this great tailor in town, Sarah Harlett, took them both in to fit my shape perfectly. Now they are my favorite items and I wear them all the time, so I feel less wasteful of the money I spent on these things but never wore because of fit.

Most apparel diets tend to be involuntary and for financial reasons, but the Great American Apparel Diet participants are still inspiring in a way. It’s a nice reminder to ask yourself while shopping do you really need nine pair of jeans?

Great American Apparel Diet
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