Wii Fit Plus Shortage May Be Rocking The Nation

Marcus wants a Wii Fit Plus game that includes the balance board and retails for $100. Problem is, he can’t find it anywhere. Third-party sellers are charging $150 and more on Amazon for the exercise game, which was the second-best seller in December, and everywhere he checks seems to be out of stock.

He writes:

Just thought I would bring your attention to a potential story. Every since after Christmas the Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board has been almost impossible to find. When you do find one in stock online, it is priced at roughly 140% – 150% of the normal price of $99; and 200% – 214% of the cheapest sales price of $70 that Dell was selling it for before Christmas.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I wanted to buy one, but at those inflated prices I have no interest at being ripped off, just to find that some artificial shortage has driven up the prices.

Do you have any insight into what is going on with Wii Fit Plus stocks?

If you bought the game recently, where did you find it and how much did you have to pay?