Epic Toyota Cluster#$@% Continues: Repair Kits Shipping To Dealers

2.3 million Toyotas will need to be repaired and the kits to do so are being shipped to dealers this week, says Bloomberg. The repair should take about 30 minutes and Toyota says they are “confident” the problem isn’t electronic.

From Bloomberg:

Pedal assemblies in models that were recalled have a gap that the steel plate is designed to fill, Hanson said. The new piece relieves friction that can develop in some pedals as a result of wear and tear and condensation, and allows the pedal to spring back without sticking, he said.

If you have one of these cars, you’re going to need to take to your dealer for repair. Your dealer is likely to be quite busy.

“Some of our dealers have said they’ll stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get this done,” Toyota’s rep told reporters.

Bonus points to the first person who figures out how many days it’s going to take them to repair 2.3 million Toyotas at 30 minutes per Toyota. Go! It’s just like grade school!

Toyota Sends Repair Kits to Dealers, Plans to Resume Production [BusinessWeek]

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