This Contact Lens Solution Bottle Is A Little Misleading

Noah found a bottle of contact lens solution that proclaimed on its package that it’s small enough to comply with the TSA’s liquid rules. This would be great if the bottle were small enough to comply with the TSA’s liquid rules.

He writes:

I’m a lifelong user of Opti-Free contact solution, mostly because it was what my optometrist gave me to use all those years ago, and I was thrilled to see they had a travel size that was TSA compliant. That was until I saw it was a 4oz container which is of course not TSA compliant.

Yes, the maximum size allowed on airplanes is 100 mL, or 3.4 ounces. Nice try, Opti-Free. Update: Yes, as some commenters have noted, you can bring more contact lens solution on a plane if it’s declared as a medical product and chemically tested. That’s why this product is misleading–a contact lens wearer shopping for a travel-size bottle would be misled into buying it in order to save him- or herself the hassle of declaring the liquid.

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