My UPS Store Keeps Scamming Me Out Of $1

Kevin says employees at a Brooklyn UPS Store keep shaking him down for $1 when he brings in packages with pre-paid labels. He has paid the fee in cash before, but when he asked to settle up by credit card the employees turned him away.

He writes:

I’ve twice dropped off packages with pre-paid postage at [a Brooklyn] UPS store.

And each time they’ve tried to charge me a fee of $1 for accepting the package.

On the first occasion I paid the fee in a haze of surprise and confusion.

When I dropped off a package earlier today I was again asked for $1. When I offered them my credit card to see if they would actually take it and provide a receipt they told me to pay them the next time I came in.

Seems like a scam by employees?

Sure does. As Kevin has realized, you don’t have to pay anything if you’ve drop off a prepaid package to a UPS store.

Has anyone encountered a similar low-stakes scheme?

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