FTD Doesn't Bother To Find Florist, Makes Your Grandma Sad On Her Birthday

Erin has a Valentine’s Day warning for Consumerist readers. Not only is FTD part of the nefarious WebLoyalty cabal, but she tells Consumerist that they’re also happy to take customers’ money and conveniently forget to dispatch a florist with actual flowers.

Just a warning to your readers about the abysmal service I received from FTD.com. On December 22, 2009 I ordered flowers to be delivered to my Grandma on January 2, 2010 for her birthday. Her actual birthday is January 3rd, but since that day is a Sunday I was unable to get delivery on that day. FTD.com charged my credit card $46.99 for the flowers on the day that I placed my order and sent me an email confirmation.

I called my Grandma this afternoon to wish her a Happy Birthday and she had not received the flowers. I called FTD.com customer service and was told that there are no FTD florists in the area (even though I clearly entered the correct deliver address and zip code), and that my order should never have been accepted! My order was going to the 64836 zip code. Their website still shows that they deliver flowers to this zip code, and a Google Map search confirms that there are numerous FTD florists in the area. Although they apologized, I am extremely upset that my Grandma spent even one minute on her 81st birthday wondering if I had forgotten about her.

I have learned my lesson and will call the florist directly next time. However, I think many people would assume that FTD is a trusted name in the florist business. If any of your readers are planning on sending flowers on Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion, I urge them to not use FTD.com.

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