JetBlue Responds To Tweet, Goes Looking For Passenger's Sunglasses

David Friedman, a photographer and blogger of cool ideas, was at JFK airport in New York City earlier today and realized he’d forgotten his sunglasses at the security gate. He mentioned it in a tweet, and to his surprise someont at JetBlue saw it and investigated for him.

The sad news is the JetBlue employee didn’t find the sunglasses. On the other hand, JetBlue did go look for them, then sent someone to Friedman’s gate to give him an update. On American, that would have easily cost $25, probably more to actually have the sunglasses returned.

United has also been active on Twitter recently, although not as happily. The airline just apologized to Twitter CEO Evan Williams via Twitter this morning after failing to get Williams’ luggage to its destination.

ironicsans [Twitter]

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