How Did This Used Redbox Disc Get Sold As A New DVD?

David noticed something strange about the purportedly new, sealed DVD that he bought at closeout chain Marshalls. He writes that when he unsealed and opened the case, the DVD inside formerly belonged to…Redbox?!

I recently purchased a new, sealed DVD from a Marshall department store. I get home and open it up and I am surprised to find the looks of an ex-Redbox rental, complete with barcode/stickers that encircle the center of the DVD for the Redbox scanners. It is also used as you can see from the picture. The black circle around the center has faded some and smudged. Is it normal practice for Redbox to sell their old DVDs to companies who pass them off as new ones?

Could this be some kind of fluke? Has anyone else run into a similar situation, with a secondhand DVD ending up in a sealed case this way?


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