Sony Finally Repairs My PS3 It Broke With Firmware Upgrade

Matthew says a firmware upgrade spelled game over for his PS3, then he started a weeks-long battle with Sony to repair it for free. He says Sony made an unauthorized charge on his credit card before finally relenting and taking the charge off, fixing the console and giving him a free game.

This is what he wrote last week, when the repair was still in limbo:

Like any PS3 user, I was forced to upgrade my firmware to continue to play games and watch Blu-Ray movies on my PS3 console. Unfortunately, the upgrade from 2.8 to 3.15 destroyed my Blu-Ray drive and is ability to play games and movies.

After contacting Sony support, I was informed by a customer service rep (call #1) that I would need to pay $150 for the repair of my console, because it was out of warranty. The cost of repair was not the issue that concerned me. I logged my original service call on 22 Dec 09. I was assured I would be overnighted a box to return my PS3 for service. It never arrived.

On 28 Dec 09, after not receiving a return service box, I logged another call to customer service (call #2) to request a box to return my PS3 for service. I was assured I would be sent out a box overnight.

On 30 Dec 09, I logged another service call (call #3), as I have yet to receive a box to return my PS3 for service. I was again assured that I would be receiving a box overnight for return shipping. That box arrived via 3 day select on 4 Jan 10.

Regardless, I packaged my PS3 up for its repair and sent it out on 5 Jan 10. I gave explicit instructions to contact me before any repairs or return shipping.

Regardless, Sony charged him $150 for a repair without his go-ahead. But Matthew kept fighting and won. He wrote yesterday:

I spoke to Ivon with Executive Customer Care. She contacted me last week, but I was out of town on business.

I spoke with her at length, and she was very apologetic about the experience I had with Sony Customer Service. The system was repaired and returned to me free of charge (the hold was taken off my credit card). She did admit that Sony dropped the ball, as my system was originally supposed to go to a Tier III service due to the firmware upgrade issue, but instead, was just diagnosed and repaired. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a firm status on the repair from the Foster City office, and also, I wasn’t contacted before repair and return as my instructions stated. Again, she was very apologetic about the whole ordeal, and offered me a game of my choice, which I graciously accepted. She also asked me to contact her directly with any other issues I have with my system, but hopefully I never have to take her up on that.

So, in the end, Sony did step up and right their wrongs, at least in my case.

It was a difficult struggle, but well worth it for Matthew since he stuck to his guns.

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