Fast Food Managers Abuse Power, Force Teenage Workers Into Sex

Supervising nubile teenagers in a fast-food establishment does not mean that you have an open invitation to abuse your authority and demand sex from them. This seems that it would be a self-evident rule of management. It is not.

“I felt like I didn’t have a choice,” [a former Starbucks barista] told ABC News.”I was ashamed and embarrassed. And I felt like he had complete control over my job… he knew all this stuff about my family and my friends and my school.”

She says the supervisor would summon her for sex in hundreds of text messages, including one that said, “I’d liked to f— tomorrow.”

“It was an everyday, numerous times a day occurrence,” [she] said. “And I just saw it and did what I had to do.”

The Starbucks supervisor (who, in a weird coincidence, has the same name as a rival coffee chain) served four months in prison for sex with a minor–at the time, he was 24 and the barista 16.

16-Year-Old Starbucks Barista Sues Over ‘Sex Demands’ at Work [ABC News] (Thanks, Dan!)

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