See If You Qualify For One Of These 2009 Tax Deductions

Personal finance blogger Mrs. Micah unleashed a mammoth list of 2009 tax deductions on her blog, Finance for a Freelance Life.

Here’s her snippet on un-reimbursed busines expenses:

If your company made you fly somewhere & didn’t reimburse you, you can deduct it. Laundry and dry-cleaning you had to do while on a business trip—deductible. 50% deduction of an unreimbursed business meal. This has to be done in the itemized deduction section and must reach 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), as must the business use of a car deductions above. For more info on deducting unreimbursed business expenses see the pertinent IRS page.

These deductions make Tax Cat purr. Which are you most excited about using when it comes time to start plugging away at this year’s tax return?

Mammoth 2009 Tax Credit and Deduction List [Finance for a Freelance Life]

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