Manager Charged With Arson After Rival Bowling Alley Is Burned

According to police, a manager of a rival bowling alley has been charged with arson in the destruction of Loyle Lanes, a bowling alley in southern New Jersey.

Police say the guy who leases the other bowling alley in the area hired another man and a teenager to torch the alley. The owners of the burned establishment say they’ve never met the other bowling alley manager, but had heard rumors that he was boasting about putting them out of business.

While this is all being sorted out there are bowlers with nothing to do:

The Loyle family says it wants to rebuild its alley, which got a $400,000 upgrade last year.

Bowlers have remained loyal since the fire, stopping by the lanes and milling about the parking lot.

“It’s a second home for all of us, really,” said John Greco, whose wife, Liz, wore his jacket with “300” embroidered on it in honor of a perfect game he rolled.

Loyle regulars say Pike Lanes, just a 15-minute drive away, has been slipping. Greco said heating problems have left bowlers playing with their coats on. The state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control said the lanes’ liquor license was put on inactive status in July, but it wouldn’t disclose the reason.

For now, close to two dozen people are out of work as the charred remains of the Loyle building stand along a main road of businesses. A state men’s league championship scheduled to be held there in March will need to find a new house.

And scores of bowlers are searching for a new place to play.

Sad. Do you think it was nihilists that did it?

NJ bowling manager charged after rival lanes burn [WaPo]

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