Ask The Consumerists: Is It Good Or Bad To Complain Loudly About A Small Company?

Reader Kent would like to know what you, the Consumerist Readers, think about complaining about a very small firm. Are you just giving them free publicity by complaining loudly? Or is it better to warn others?

Kent asks:

I would like to hear the opinion of Consumerist readers on the following question.

My fiance and I spent money at a small (but growing), Internet based business that does custom work. We feel that we were ripped off for $40 by really poor wording on their website. It’s exactly the thing that should be brought up with Consumerist.

However, the dilemma is that I would hate to advertise for them, and help spread their name. If they were a large company that everybody has heard of, I would have no problem taking my problem to the masses.

What say the readers of Consumerist – does spreading the word of poor customer service help or hinder a small, growing Internet business?

Well, Consumerists, render your verdict. Is it worth it? Should it be done? Is it justice?