Don't Get Cat Vomit On Your Laptop

Tayler’s cat and Tayler’s MacBook Pro just had an unfortunate run-in. Does anyone have any advice on cheap ways to repair this laptop, or at least how to get the content off of it without paying hundreds of dollars?

Tayler writes:

I purchased a MacBook Pro a little over a year ago for school and hopefully my job when I’m finished. I was at home Monday working on homework when for a brief moment I stepped away from my desk (for less than minute). When I returned I found that my young cat had, in that time, vomited all over my computer. Gross, I know. But it was still on and working. I immediately turn the computer off and cleaned the vomit off, and let it dry over night, and now it doesn’t work at all.

Now I’m at a $2500 loss for something I could never have expected. Even if I had AppleCare it wouldn’t cover the “liquid” damage and a new motherboard is $1100.

Right now I’m just looking for some good advice. I’m at a loss for ideas. I was lucky enough to have backed up my computer that day, but now all my school work is inaccessible.