Safeway Sold Me Milk That Expired More Than A Year Ago

Tia says she bought some milk from Safeway, pictured here, that expired more than a year ago. She writes:

I’m writing to you about a post put up a while ago about a Safeway stocking expired dairy products ( I wanted to give you a bit of follow up on this from a different side of the country. I found this article of yours after looking Safeway up specifically on your site.

I’ve always had problems with our local Safeway, regularly I’ll go to purchase the Safeway brand Organic milk and find that it’s either already expired or the “Sell by date” is for the day I am in the store looking for milk. Some time ago, my boyfriend had purchased some little Starbucks bottled coffee drinks, only to discover it was chunky and the expiration date was for nearly eight months prior to when he had purchased it.

Just tonight, I was about to give my eight year old son one of his milk cartoons (Horizon Organic Reduced Fat Milk, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons, it came in a three pack) to discover that the expiration date was well over a year ago ( I’ve called Safeway repeatedly and pointed out the expired shelved milk and the only thing they did was offer me a “fresh one” and take the old ones off the shelves. I’m sick of their wanton disregard for the quality of the products they sell for consumption. I’ve reported them to [redacted] County Health Department, hopefully something will come of this.

How have you handled the situation when you’ve bought expired food?

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