Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Stiffed On Tip, Coldcocked By Customer

The Chicago Sun-Times has a pot-boiler recap of a contentious Pizza Hut delivery encounter that ended with yelling and fighting.

This stuff is better than an NFL playoff game. A brief sample of the piece:

“He sucker punches me in the face,” [the pizza guy] said. “By that point, I can’t see out of my left eye and blood’s gushing down my face.”

McNeil demanded his money back. Kroning handed it over and drove back to Pizza Hut, where management called police, Kroning said. Kroning ended up with an orbital fracture under his eye.

What’s the closest you ever came to blows with someone in the food service industry?

Pizza delivery man punched by customer [Chicago Sun-Times]
(Thanks, E.C.)

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