Brian Got His My Coke Rewards Points Back

Brian complained to us last week that Coke had zapped away his My Coke Rewards points while he was on vacation, but Coke has returned the points, thanks to advice from reader Fox Mulder:

Brian can get his points back by simply sending an email to Coke from the web site, or calling Coca-Cola at 800-438-2653 and selecting the MyCokeRewards option, then the Technical Issues option.

They won’t have any problem in restoring them.

Fox proved to be on the mark, according to Brian’s response:

Fortunately, I got it back the other day. Their customer service had me worried with a slight delay in response and their harsh rules and regulations on their page. Plus they had denied me in the past when I had a handful of 15-digit codes that “expired” and they responded with sorry, they’re no longer good, too bad.

They actually responded twice to my recent complaint with a friendly email and have hooked me up with the missing 1311 points.

Thanks for the heads-up and your efforts in contacting Coke. I didn’t expect so much but you guys rock.

Bonus tip: If your workplace has a recycling bin, it doesn’t hurt to dig through it for a daily trove of coded Coke bottlecaps to pad your account balance.

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