TransUnion "Zendough" Service Will Not Let You Cancel

Reader Nathan’s wife unfortunately fell for a “Free Credit Report” offer from a TransUnion service called “Zendough.” They say they are being repeatedly billed even after they cancel, and the only customer service contact number they have is staffed by people who can’t help.

Nathan says:

Just like (which is run by Experian) gives you a “free” credit report when you join a monthly-paid service, another credit bureau, TransUnion, has gotten in on the same act by offering its own $14.95-a-month credit monitoring service, called Zendough.

Just like Experian, they offer a “free” credit report with membership. Both services offer a “free” 7-day trial, which you’re supposed to be able to cancel (within the 7 days) at no charge.

My wife unfortunately fell for this. She signed up for Zendough, got the credit report, and promptly canceled her account.

Except Zendough won’t cancel it.

The only way to cancel is by calling a toll-free number which goes to… you guessed it, INDIA.

The India call-center jockeys have no idea how to help you and no desire to do so.

Zendough charged us not once but TWICE a month in December and twice in January.

Each time, my wife called, explained that she had already cancelled and would like to make DOUBLY sure she was finally cancelled, no more charges, ever.

Each time, the India customer service people tell my wife her money will be refunded and her account is canceled.

Three times they have refunded the $14.95, and charged us again a few days later.

We have written confirmation of the cancellation and we are still getting charged.

I have posted a complaint on Zendough’s Facebook page, and the complaint is still on their Wall, undeleted and unanswered. Zendough’s only contact info is a press contact and this India 1-800 number. I’m not sure what else we can do!

Perhaps try contacting TransUnion? Or file a report with your state’s attorney general and the BBB? That might get their attention. You can also contact your bank and start doing chargebacks.

Anyone else manage to cancel this service?

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