How To Turn Crap Lying Around Your House Into Money

Most people could use more money. Most people also have crap lying around their house that they no longer use. What they may not realize is that useless crap lying around the house can be transformed into cash, thus solving both problems. Unfortunately, there is no Cash4Clutter, but there are other ways to cash in on stuff you don’t use.

WalletPop rounded up tips from experts on how to do just this.

  • Clean out your closet. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit and you no longer wear, and hold a yard sale or take them to a consignment store. Or hold a clothing swap with similarly-sized friends, and instead of making money, save money that you would have spent on brand-new clothing.
  • Find money you forgot you had. This sounds ridiculous, but it works. Check your files, couch cushions, and spaces between counters for stray coins and bills. When cleaning out piles of paper, make sure you haven’t left any stray checks or money orders around that you may have forgotten about.
  • Clean out your garage. Admit it: You’re never really going to build those flower beds you bought supplies for in 2004. Sell the lumber for a few bucks on Craigslist and regain some space in the garage.

Turning clutter into cash a good way to start new year [WalletPop] (via Simpler Living)

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