KFC Sues Self In Game Of Legal Chicken

According to a Bloomberg story in BusinessWeek, KFC is suing itself, sorta.

KFC’s marketing program designer, KFC National Council and Advertising Cooperative Inc., is suing KFC because the organizatin’s president and chief concept officer is promoting grilled rather than fried chicken.

The story says:

“Eaton appears to believe that the future of KFC lies with grilled chicken rather than fried” and recent proposals to the council “have been heavily, if not exclusively, lopsided towards grilled chicken,” according to the complaint, made public in Delaware Chancery Court today.

The board of the KFC National Council, a separate corporation composed of franchise and company members, is weighted 13 to four for the franchisers. The dispute concerns who is charge of setting KFC’s advertising policy, according to court papers.

OK, so which readers on team KFC and which are siding with team KFC?

KFC Sued Over Ad Bias Against Extra Crispy Chicken (Update1) [BusinessWeek]

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