There Is A Remarkably Surly Employee At Taco John's

Reader Jordan wants us to know that there is a surly individual at his local Taco John’s. He’s complained to the company, but the surliness continues.

Jordan writes:

I’ve had a series of interesting interactions with a specific employee at this Taco John’s; my first run-in came when I found myself standing in front of the cash register waiting for him to make his way to the front of the store (the other employee was clearly on food preparation detail). I watched as the cashier slowly made himself a cup of hot chocolate, only ten feet or so away from me. He waited for the water to get hot, added the powder, stirred the mix for awhile, and then started to drink it. When the (quite busy) food preparation employee asked [the cashier] if he would be taking my order, [the cashier] said, “I’m making hot chocolate.”

So the food preparation employee was forced to do the work of two employees. Only then did I notice that [the cashier] was the Supervisor on the shift, while the person coolly handling the awkward situation was not. It was a strange experience to have a restaurant employee (and one in a supervisory role) act with such indifference to the customer. My friends and I took a Taco John’s Customer Satisfaction card with us and left them a detailed message with our complaints and perceptions regarding our experience.

Tonight, we walked into the same Taco John’s and saw [the same cashier] working food preparation with another male employee (in plain clothes.) When [he] heard our order (which included six bean burritos) we heard him say under his breath, “Six bean burritos? Are you serious?”

I, having heard him say it, informed him that we were, in fact, “serious” about wanting six burritos, having ordered six burritos, and having paid for six burritos. The plain clothed employee then said, “Do you want to make them yourself?” Then the two proceeded to agitatedly make the burritos, voicing displeasure with having to work, and frequently dropping the f-word.


What’s weird about wanting six bean burritos? Does no one who eats at this Taco John’s have friends?

Jordan says he’s going to call the manager tonight, though we doubt that this will cheer Mr. Grumpypants up. Good luck in your quest, Jordan.

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