Is Blockbuster Sending Out Gimped Versions Of Some Blu-rays?

William claims Blockbuster sent him a not-so-special edition of The Hangover on Blu-ray that doesn’t let him access an unrated version of the movie.

He writes:

Has your website looked into the practices of Blockbuster (and I believe Netflix) sending “rental” versions of Blu-Ray movies? Despite the fact that Blockbuster advertised the unrated/special edition of the movie The Hangover, my wife and I received a disc that would not allow us to reach the Top Menu without watching a bunch of previews and a couple of commercials, in addition to it having no additional features.

This is something that seems be taking off, and it seems to me that it’s going to be another one of those issues where Blockbuster will blame the studios, and the studios will blame Blockbuster (a wonderful strategy that always seems to result in both getting what they want while consumers are screwed).

I’d strongly suggest that if you haven’t already, to take a look at this. Increasingly their expanding this practice and before too long I imagine that whatever choice we might have now will be gone.

Has anyone else been hung out to dry by a special bare-bones rental version of The Hangover Blu-ray, or any other rent-by-mail flick?

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