Wegmans Charges $1.50 For Free Bottle Of Listerine

Please, Wegmans. You know we’ve gone down this road with Target and they refuse to seek help. You’re the grocery store I grew up with, and even Consumer Reports loves you. So why does it have to be this way? Why are you going crazy?


Howard writes:

[Wegmans has] a 1.0L of Listerine for 4.49. They also sell a 1.0L with a free 500 ml for 5.99. They are both the Cool Mint flavor. I don’t know if Listerine would be happy that they are selling an item that should be free.

Update: Jo of Wegmans Consumer Affairs Department wrote to us. She says, “That [bonus] bottle is free – the bottle it’s attached to by shrink wrap is 1.5 liters, not 1 liter.”

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