Target Calls Cops On Breastfeeding Shoppers

The AP says that police were called when Target employees tried to throw a couple out of the store because the woman was breastfeeding in the electronics aisle. The husband, a Detroit police officer, says they were told by the security guard that the act was “against the law.”

Obviously, as police officer, he knew that wasn’t true.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says that Michigan is one of the 28 states that exempt breastfeeding from public indecency laws.

Target says they regret the incident, but, “This specific situation escalated to a point where we were concerned for the safety of our guests, so law enforcement was called. We regret the incident in our store and will continue to provide a shopping environment that respects the needs of all guests, including nursing mothers.”

The mom told the local Fox affiliate, “Forcing me out of the store. Two security guards, the manager or team leader, two officers, they just made a spectacle and a scene. I feel like I can’t go to that specific Target anymore.”

The manager of the store told Fox breastfeeding is “not discouraged” in her store. Hmm.

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