UPDATED: Bumped From A Hotel, Promised A Refund That Hasn't Come

Personal finance blogger Krystalatwork traveled to Las Vegas, booking a prepaid stay at Harrah’s. But along with a number of other travelers, she found no room at the inn and was forced to stay at the considerably less posh Flamingo, then promised a full refund.

More than a week later, she’s still waiting on that refund, and writes:

Well, the refund hasn’t posted to my account yet, so I called Harrah’s today and the customer service agent said that they didn’t even have my reservation in the system – but he could see my comped stay at the Flamingo. He said the refund would be issued to me by Allegiant Air and that I should call them since I booked my hotel/flight package through them. I asked if they would even have it in the system to refund me if it doesn’t even show in their system that I had a reservation at Harrah’s. He said they would for sure know about it.

Then I called Allegiant and I’m sure you can guess that they knew nothing about it and said Harrah’s should have processed the refund. The Allegiant agent said they would put through a request to the hotel reservations department and that I should call back in a few hours to get updated on the situation.

It’s never a good sign when customer service asks you to call back to check up on a problem. If you have any tips for Krystalatwork, or want to share similar hotel horror stories, share them in the comments.

UPDATE: Allegiant issued Krystalatwork a refund.

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