Fox And Time Warner Cable Threaten Football, Annoy John Kerry

Say what you will about John Kerry, but the man does not like the thought of missing football games. If that’s what you are looking for in a Senator — he’s your guy. For a while now, TWC and FOX have been embroiled in a dispute over what the TV network can change for its programming. Now FOX is threatening to pull its channels, including NFL games from TWC if it doesn’t get more money.

John Kerry is like, omg you are so not doing that:

“If Fox believes that withdrawing programming from 4 million households is its best negotiating tactic, then I would ask the FCC to intervene and mandate continued carriage and arbitration,” Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, wrote.

TWC has asked FOX to enter arbitration and agree to let programming continue on TWC until an agreement is reached. FOX is like, “Uh, No! Ha!”

If there is no accord by midnight, Fox stations may go black on Time Warner Cable systems in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and Austin, Texas, says Bloomberg.

FOX, of course, remains available over the air.

Below is FOX’s response to Kerry, which says basically: “Mind your own beeswax, binding arbitration sucks.”

Keep Games on TV or FCC May Mediate, Kerry Warns Fox [BusinessWeek]


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