FCC Chair Spams Facebook Friends

His account apparently compromised by a spammer’s program, FCC chair Julius Genachowski sent out a message this morning to all his Facebook friends that said, “Adam got me started making money with this.” Adam Smith perhaps? We’ll never know, as the website Julius linked to is now unavailable.

Coming as a huge blow to his 300+ Mafia Wars posse, Facebook has deactivated Genachowski’s account and, just like everyone else, Julius will have to go through a multi-step rehabilitation program that involves learning how to be a good and safe internet user. In an unrelated new story, the Federal government is expected to take greater interest in 2010 in how Facebook makes money selling ad space to blatant ripoffs.

Whoops! F.C.C. Chairman Spams Facebook Friends [NYT] (Thanks to Harrelson!)

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