Perfume Packaging Defeats Pen, Can Opener And Knives

Film critic Jen Johans can tear movies apart, but even her sharpest barbs were no match for impenetrable DKNY perfume packaging.

She tried wedging the top open with a pen, but no dice. Then moved to a can opener and eventually knives. But the packaging resisted her attacks, she writes in a humorous first-person-plural diatribe:

Fortunately for our limbs, the Johans household is missing an axe as well as a chainsaw. Thus, the bulky container which in its very essence is the polar opposite of Donna Karan’s thin, stretchy denim which hugs my own limbs so well that in my book they go right from “skinny” directly to “sexy jeans” ended up the victor in our Christmas Eve brawl.

Needless to say, I gave up the can in favor of a refund.

What are the greatest lengths you’ve gone to open an un-openable canister?

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