Not All Fired Target Employees Who Went Zhu Zhu Crazy Got Their Jobs Back

Target fired employees for prematurely buying Zhu Zhu Pets, then hired them back. Ellen says her son, a former New Jersey Target employee, got the former treatment, but not the latter.

She writes:

Since other empolyees of Target have been reinstated for the same offense I am now wondering why the same thing does NOT seem to apply for all stores? Is there a policy your company is enforcing or is there not? At this point I will continue to send this em to anyone who will listen or read it.

I would like to bring an unjust matter to your attention and seek your assistance in this matter if possible along with bringing this topic out to the public. So that they can see how and employer can be unjust during such a sensitive and delicate time due to the economy.

My son was a devoted employee of the local Target store here on [redacted]. He had been employed by them for the past 2 years. He was devoted to not only following company polices but enforcing them as well as a Team Leader. Volunteering on Holidays to come in early and help set up coming in at 4 and 5 am to also help with this the day of Black Friday. However, as of December 8th he found himself without a job. This was the day after his new baby arrived. It seems that on an earlier day he along with other employees that day made the huge error of making a purchase. They all bought Zhu Zhu pets. They all continued to work following the so called “offense” In my sons case he found out he was let go day after his baby was born. Is this a justified thing to take advantage of employees and kick them out on the streets before the holidays? Where there not other means to sort this out without termination? Like perhaps a warning or day suspension? Why did the company let these employees continue to work if they broke a so called policy? Where all employees let go that day for making a purchase or just the ones whom bought Zhu Zhu pets? I have seen similar stories to this effect all involving Target.

UPDATE: Ellen’s son was given his job back.

Those Zhu Zhu Pets seemed to have made one heck of a siren call to Target employees. If you know of any who Zhu Zhu-ed their jobs away and didn’t get them back, tell us about them.

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