Mac Cloner Psystar Sells T-Shirts, Vows Comeback

You may not be able to buy Mac clones from Hackintosh-maker Psystar anymore , but if you’re looking to relive those glory days of running OS X on generic hardware, Psystar has a t-shirt for you. And it looks like they even designed it themselves, rather than modifying the fabric of some other company’s shirt so that it would work on their loom.

psystar2.jpgIn addition to entering the textile industry, Psystar vows to return to the computer business, via boxes that will run Linux and — wink, nudge — will also be compatible with software from the company that won a copyright lawsuit against the cloners:

Earlier this month, Psystar discontinued the sale of all its computer systems. In the coming days, we will again be offering complete systems but at discounted prices as they will be bundled with your choice of Linux operating system. In addition to using only first quality components, our hardware specifically chosen such that it is known to be compatible with OS X (via Apples own drivers or open source offerings online). This makes it easier to get up and running with your favorite XNU based operating system, including Pure Darwin.

Psystar also plans to roll out versions of its Rebel EFI bootloader tailored for netbooks, and is offering T-shirt buyers a free copy of the software — if, that is, the company can convince a judge that Rebel EFI is legal and lets them sell it again.

Psystar Temporarily Halts Sale of Rebel EFI [ via Wired News]

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  1. evilrobot says:

    “iSued Psystar” would be better.

    Aside from that, is anyone going to be buying these?

    Waste of cotton.

    • Megalomania says:

      They don’t need to sell any. It’s not like they have a warehouse full of them (or I really hope they don’t), and compared to legal fees alone this must be a drop in the bucket.

    • shepd says:

      I was going to buy, but it appears that nobody who is fat is interested in using a Mac Clone. :^(

  2. H3ion says:

    Unless they’re compatible with the Commodore 64, they’ll just be another pretty face.

  3. Rask says:

    Any company that`s a thorn in Apple`s side is a ok in my books. =) There guys are pretty damned cheeky to boot.

    • Kabukistar says:

      I’m just glad that the whole Psystar incident puts to light that Apple isn’t this hip, consumer-friendly little commune. They are a huge, profit-minded corporation and will use their might to legally bully away any competition for their over-priced hardware.

      *Posted from a Linux machine*

      • idip says:

        As opposed to a “hip, consumer-friendly little commune” that is willing to allow another company steal their software and put them out of business.

        I think many people understand clearly that Apple is a “profit-minded” corporation. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be a publicly traded company.

        Apple hasn’t tried to hide the fact that they make their money off of hardware sales. In fact, Jobs ended the original Apple approved cloning program for this reason.

        Now even though that had to be said: I love my little Apple Macbook Pro. It was worth every dime and i’d recommend it to anyone.

        I think if people don’t like Apple or their products, then don’t buy them. People don’t like Microsoft… don’t buy that product. Poeple who don’t like Linux distributions… don’t use those.

        But just because you don’t like a company doesn’t mean you should allow another company to steal their creation.

        • Kabukistar says:

          Since when does purchasing something from the manufacturer to then sell to consumers count as “stealing”?

          • idip says:

            When you utilize it in a way that is against the terms your purchased it at.

            I.E. Modifying the code to allow the software to run on a system it is not intended to be run on.

            Also… you want true competition… Psystar needs to create it’s own operating system instead of taking Apples, modifying it, and then selling their own ‘creation’ (Open Macs).

            • shepd says:

              I don’t recall Psystar ever claiming anything but the hardware, and Rebel EFI were theirs. In fact, their website makes it abundantly clear you’ll be running a clone box of theirs using Apple’s software.

        • 2 replies says:

          “Apple hasn’t tried to hide the fact that they make their money off of hardware sales.”

          True, not directly.
          But when they focus all their computer related advertising on their OS, do everything they can to try to blur the perceived line between their hardware and Operating System all while outright lying about their other “Profit Minded” competitor(s), it definitely doesn’t do anything to acknowledge their hardware pricing issues.
          And definitely doesn’t do anything to help with the bitter taste they’re leaving in the mouths of some of their fans as of late, when it comes to the quality of said overpriced hardware.

          • idip says:

            Not everyone can afford a Mac unfortunately. They don’t aim for bargain basement prices.

            I look at it like this… Not everyone can afford a Sony TV, but many will claim it’s no better then the retailer brand. Both systems are different.

            Buy what you want.

            Why does everyone feel the need to knock them? Some people can afford them and love them. Some people can’t afford them and hate them. Oh my… and some people can afford them and don’t like them.

            But I think the majority of the complaints and hate come from people who can’t afford them and are looking to buy a $400-$600 laptop… (I’m looking at you Microsoft “I’m a PC” commercials).

            Personally… I think the “added” cost of my Macbook Pro has already paid itself off because I only paid $30 bucks for Snow Leopard. How much is Windows 7 Ultimate? $200 for upgrade and $290 for the full version, these are the on sale prices at Amazon.

            Anyway.. kinda off topic.

            So yes, maybe over priced hardware. But name one industry that doesn’t sell a product with overpriced hardware.

            I.E. You can’t tell me it cost Sony $3,000 to make that 50 inch LCD?! What… they’re making a profit?! HOW DARE THEY!

            • Kabukistar says:

              Snow Leopard is still $30 more than it costs to upgrade Ubuntu.

              • idip says:

                Yep, but hey. Snow Leopard is much easier for the general public to use as well.

                Why do you think Linux OS versions aren’t pre installed on laptops and computers and are only just now starting to appear on these new “netbooks”.

                Snow Leopard is much easier to install.

        • shepd says:

          Not sure how a company that buys the software is stealing it. Are you claiming that using something you purchased (not leased) outside of the Terms and Conditions/Manufacturer’s Recommendations is stealing?

          If so, everyone who tows a trailer with their econobox is culpable of Grand Theft Auto then, no? I know my car’s manual definitely recommends against towing trailers, and know plenty of vehicles where the warranty is null and void if you tow trailers, because it’s against the terms and conditions of the purchase.

          Thank God I don’t live in your world! It sounds quite messed up!

          Psystar purchased all product they sold, and all product they used. Yes, they made pre-made install images to speed up their process (Which is part of the lawsuit they lost). Each image installed matched with a fully purchased copy of OSX. Each copy the company used matched with a fully purchased copy of OSX. Even if making such images is against copyright law, the fact is it still wasn’t stealing, and the lengths Psystar went to to make sure they were legitimate images makes them, quite frankly, copyright heroes.

          But, hey, if you want to be so anal, OSX is stolen. You know why? Where does it say, in BIG BOLD LETTERS, on the outside of the box, “This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.“. Seems fair to steal something that’s already stolen, no?

          Since the first OSX was released in 1999, and obviously you don’t develop an OS like OSX in under a year, clearly Apple has been stealing it all these years. Fuck Apple, those THIEVES.

          • idip says:

            I thought the new BSD license doesn’t require that statement anymore.

            And Apple stealing BSD? I thought that was open source software that they allowed other companies to use in their own creations and proprietary softwares.

            I’d be curious to know if the “Berkeley Software Distribution” clearly states that it’s a derivative of UNIX from Bell Labs.

      • trujunglist says:

        fuck that, I make my own operating system. you’re no rebel, you’re just a linux using sheep.

        get fucking real dude.

  4. Rocket says:

    The funny thing is that, if you buy a shirt, you get a copy of Rebel EFI for free. Or, you can donate $20+ to get a free copy of Rebel EFI.

  5. Trai_Dep says:

    I’m shocked that they haven’t pushed out a press release taking credit for inventing the loom.