Twitter Friendship With E-Commerce Exec Helps Fix Shipping Snafu

Peter of Bible Money Matters blog didn’t want to turn the other cheek when Tiger Direct told him his order would take two weeks longer to ship because he paid via eBillme. So Peter enlisted an eBillme exec he met via Twitter to pressure Tiger Direct into getting his order out on time and finding the glitch that caused the hold-up.

Peter writes:

The thing that I learned from this whole ordeal is that while some companies don’t always have their act together (Tiger Direct), others are doing a good job of using social media like twitter and facebook in order to put a good face on their presence. Because eBillme, and specifically VP of MarketingSamer Forzley, were on Twitter and responsive to their customers, I was able to turn a bad experience with their product, into an exceptional one. He was able to correct my misconceptions, go above and beyond when it came to customer service, and not only correct my thinking – but fix my problem in the process!

Peter’s savvy use of social networking proves that if you don’t have the power to fix a particular problem, it’s best to enlist the help of someone who does.

If you’ve managed to settle a problem with a company via social media, please share your tale in the comments.

Good Customer Service And The Power Of Social Media: eBillme Goes Above And Beyond To Fix A Problem Through Twitter [Bible Money Matters]

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