Watch Out For FedEx SmartPost

Cristiana says beware the trap of sending things via FedEx SmartPost: the USPS handles the local part of delivery, and “since you now have two shipping companies involved, nobody wants to take responsibility for the package” when it never arrives.

I ordered a Christmas gift on November 30th, and it was shipped out on the first of December. Here it is on the 23rd of December and I still have not received the package.

I first contacted FedEx, and they said it was handed to the USPS on the ninth, and they have can’t do anything, and they have no responsibility for the package anymore. So, now my package has been in USPS limbo since December 9th, and USPS will not handle any complaints until it has been 2 weeks. But, you can’t expect any help in 2 weeks, it is actually 2 weeks plus one day, because you need to contact them after the last day’s deliveries are done.

Coincidentally the fifteenth day is December 24th, which is the day I was going to give the gift.

So, now I am giftless on the 23rd of December, and neither the shipper, FedEx, nor USPS wants to take responsibility.

Update: Cristiana included this screencap showing the sudden derailment of her package:


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