Madden Blitzing Gamers With In-Game Ads

A recent update has apparently released a downloadable patch on Madden NFL 10 that forces players to stare at ads before every snap, Ripten reports.

Blogger Chad Lakkis writes, rather colorfully:

The game now feature an advertisement for Madden Arcade that flashes on the screen — before every f_ck_ng snap!!! Are you f_ck_ng kidding me? Every snap? That’s just going too far. If you play with 15 minute quarters and the new accelerated clock feature, that adds up to well over 100 ad impressions each game.

It’s not even like the advertisement is subtle The damn thing is the equivalent of a white flag that pops out of a gag gun with the words “BANG!” on it. Got that visual? Good. Now picture someone standing in front of your TV pulling the damn trigger every 10 seconds. BANG! … BANG! … BANG! … MADDEN ARCADE AVAILABLE NOW! … BANG! … BANG!!

Since publisher EA has a captive audience with its football game thanks to its exclusive NFL license, gamers can do nothing but complain… And consider buying Madden NFL Arcade.

EA In-Game Advertising Abuse: Madden Arcade Ad Flashes Before Every Madden 10 Snap [Ripten, via Kotaku]