Company Forecloses On Wrong Condo, Throws Out Everything

It’s still unclear exactly what’s going on between this Las Vegas woman and a realty company, but they definitely sent someone to clean out her home when they weren’t supposed to. She says they came and emptied the place of everything she owned, all because of an address mistake with the foreclosed property next door. They say she’s misrepresenting the amount of her belongings to the media.

Las Vegas Now, the local CBS affiliate, reported yesterday that Nilly Mauck’s condo was “trashed out,” a foreclosure term for removing everything left behind by a previous owner, even though her condo wasn’t the one that had been foreclosed on.

A few weeks ago, the foreclosed home was supposed to get locks changed but Mauck says that’s not what happened. “I came home to pick up something and there was a note on my door from the Brenkus Team of Keller and Williams Realty stating that they accidentally re-keyed the wrong door,” she said.

It was a problem Mauck thought was fixed, until she came home to find a man going into her home. Mauck says everything inside was missing.

She told the news station that she asked the realty company for compensation but was only offered $5,000.

If you watch the accompanying video report, however, the reporter points out that the realty company contacted them right before going to air and said that the photos she gave the media don’t match up with what they found in the apartment. There are about two dozen “before” photos on the TV station’s website, and they show a nearly empty condo.

So what’s going on? As of this morning there’s no update on either side’s claims. Honestly, it doesn’t look like Mauck had much more than $5,000 worth of property in the condo; on the other hand, if strangers showed up and threw it all away it seems like she deserves more than just the market value of the goods.

“Las Vegas Woman Victim of Foreclosure Mistake” [] (Thanks to William!)

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