17 Extinct Things You Probably Don't Miss

Collectively as a culture, we never did figure out what to call the decade that’s ending in two weeks, did we? The ’00s… the aughts? Whatever you call it, our everyday lives have changed quite a bit in the past ten years. New York Magazine rounded up a few of the things that used to be common, but have now disappeared. We’re sure you can think of some even better ones.

Their list:

  1. Answering machines
  2. Lickable stamps [good riddance]
  3. Foldable road maps
  4. Cathode ray tube TVs
  5. Incandescent light bulbs [not yet]
  6. Paying for pornography
  7. Smoking in bars [and restaurants]
  8. Fax machines
  9. Hydrox cookies
  10. Cassette tapes
  11. The French franc [and every other former currency in the Euro zone]
  12. Floppy disks
  13. Phone books
  14. Polaroid photos
  15. Bank deposit slips
  16. Subway tokens
  17. The Rolodex

I’d argue that phone books aren’t nearly as extinct as I’d like them to be.

Rust in Peace [New York Magazine]

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