Personal Finance Roundup

Putting Santa on a Budget [Kiplinger]“Six ways to keep holiday spending on your kids under control.”

Lies that could kill your life insurance [MSN Money] “Insurance applicants often fudge on issues ranging from DUIs to drug use. But it’s hard to hide baldfaced lies — even though some folks go so far as shaving their heads.”

5 Beloved Tax Perks With Ugly Downsides [Smart Money] “[Here] are the five largest of our 165 tax expenditures, along with their projected cost to taxpayers over the next five years. All are beloved programs, but none are beyond criticism.”

Why It May Pay To Convert to a Roth IRA [The Wall Street Journal] “Some financial advisers say growing numbers of their clients are leaning toward a Roth conversion, even if they have to tap their traditional IRAs to pay the taxes.”

7 Ways to Help Unemployed Friends and Family [NY Times] “Most of us who are still lucky enough to have jobs know someone in a similar spot and want to find a way to help. So what’s the right way to do it?”



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  1. Triterion says:

    I like Roth IRAs mostly because you don’t have to stress about paying taxes when you want to take money out in the future. Also, income tax is almost guaranteed to go up in the future, might as well pay it now!