Comcast Celebrates Conquest Of NBC With Gifts Of Sh*tty DVDs

Christmas has come early to the employees of Comcast! A reader who is also a Comcastployee tells Consumerist that received a package at home yesterday which contained a letter from current and former CEOs Ralph and Brian Roberts, and some thoughtful gifts. To honor the looming Comcast/NBC Universal mergerpocalypse, the Robertses presented Comcast employees with two of the hottest DVDs in the Universal catalog: fullscreen copies of “Kindergarten Cop” and “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Aww, you shouldn’t have!

Our source writes:

I currently work for Comcast and today I received a FedEx package from Comcast. It contained a letter and two DVD’s. This is supposed to be some welcome to the family like present from the Comcast/NBC merger. The funny part is the two videos they included. From what I am hearing from my other co-workers is they got the same movies! HaHa. The two movies were: The Bourne Ultimatum (Full Screen) and Kindergarten Cop (Full Screen). Notice that these aren’t Blue Ray or even Wide Screen. And of course, the obvious…Kindergarten Cop?!?!? Are they trying to clear out some warehouses?

It’s not that the movies are bad. I was very fond of “Kindergarten Cop” back when it first came out, and I was in elementary school. But the choice of movies is odd. Perhaps a “30 Rock” box set would have been more appropriate.

Here’s the text of the letter.

Dear Comcaster,

When Comcast first brought cable to Tupelo, Mississippi in 1963, we had an innovative idea to bring full network television to this rural community for the first time. This simple idea became the foundation for the innovative company we have become.

That same year a few thousand miles away, Gregory Peck won best actor in Universal Studios’ “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and the Beatles made their U.S. television debut on NBC News’ Huntley Brinkley Report. As Comcast grew and added more subscribers, we were able to share these historic events with more consumers than was ever thought possible in new and exciting ways. Today, we’re able to deliver over 17,000 On Demand choices a month, the faster Internet, and a phone service that puts your caller ID on the TV. Our customers have grown to expect more, too. They’re looking for more content, more choice, and to view that content when and where they want–whether on the TV, online, or even on the go.

For this reason and so many more, we’re looking forward to welcoming the talented employees at NBC Universal into our Comcast family through a new joint venture with General Electric. Together, I know that we will continue to pioneer new technologies, re-imagine entire industries, and transform our customers’ experiences. Just as importantly, we will continue to be a financially strong company, well-positioned to compete and invest in our core businesses for future growth and innovation.

To celebrate, we want to share with you these DVDs produced by Universal Studios. We hope you will enjoy them over the holidays.

This is an exciting time for all of us. While we await final approval on our plans for this joint venture, let’s continue to dream big, focus on our customers, and take some time to imagine the possibilities generated by this potential new venture.

Happy holidays and thanks for all you do to make Comcast a great company.


Brian L. Roberts
Ralph J. Roberts

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