Reach Chase Executive Customer Service

Here’s another Chase Executive Customer Service contact to add to our collection:

Lisa Leschon
1-888-622-7547 x. 6711

Use when regular customer service is repeatedly denying your reasonable request, and remember to be clear, concise, and polite.


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  1. timewarp13 says:

    I just contacted Lisa Leshin at Chase and she very quickly and kindly resolved my issue, but she did note that her name was misspelled on Consumerist, FYI.

  2. IR1 says:

    Just got off the phone with Lisa and she was a big help. She resolved my issue and helped me raise my card limit at the same time. Much more helpful then the normal customer care number on the back of the card.

  3. mike says:

    After spending about an hour with regular customer service to get a late fee reversed, Lisa did it within two minutes, and noted on my account to not increase the APR. Thanks Lisa!

  4. tweed says:

    I got ahold of a “Lisa Luchtman” at the same number, x8687, but she was equally helpful/efficient and I’ll definitely call her first in the future for any issues.

  5. Carlito says:

    So I had a real low balance. Knew I had to deposit some money to not incur an overdraft fee after I had charged for one item. I deposited money before the next business day. Well lo and behold since I didn’t deposit 34 measly cents I got myself a nice overdraft fee. Now I understand if I didn’t have 5, 10 or 20 dollars to cover it, I wouldn’t have complained one bit! Yet 34 cents C’MON!!!

    Called regular customer service. “Oh sir we apologize, but we can’t do anything you already used your one over draft refund credit for the year, so sorry”

    Yeah, yeah k whatever thanks for nothing….*dials executive customer service* Didn’t get Lisa, but some one else and she helped me in a matter of minutes and got me a refund!! So 5-10 mins of perseverance got me back my money.

    If you feel like something seems unfair. Just go for it you have nothing to lose!