Amazon, Macy's, Named Best Big E-tailers analyzed 350,000 online reviews of more than 10,000 online sellers and found that among big e-tailers, Amazon was the best place to buy cameras, Macy’s was the sweet spot to order fashion accessories and was the top computer destination.

Overall, though, the smaller sites dominated the big boys in ratings:


While it is the larger brands and multi-channel retailers that dominate each category when measured by revenue and visits, small and mid-size retailers come out on top when compared by consumer satisfaction. These online merchants have developed a reputation for excellent customer service among shoppers, and are attracting a loyal following among shoppers, who gave them much higher marks in authentic reviews posted to

Top-rated resellers for each category are listed below (ranked by six-month consumer rating), along with, for comparison purposes, the two largest e-tailers in that category. (Highest possible score is 10.)

Score after each reseller indicates: Six-month consumer rating / Lifetime consumer rating

1. Computers: small and mid-size e-tailers
Puget Systems: 10/9.92
Malibal: 10/9.88
Portable One: 10/9.66
AVADirect: 9.64/9.53
National e-tailers in this category 4.61/4.17
Dell: 2.25/3.93

2. Cameras: small/mid-size e-tailers
B&H Photo: 9.74/9.57
Unique Photo: 9.62/9.12
Adorama: 9.55/8.84
Beach Camera: 9.39/9.05
National e-tailers in this category
Amazon: 7.80/6.53
Walmart: 4.77/4.87

3. Fashion accessories: small/mid-size e-tailers 10/10
Cascadia Design: 10/10
Action Village: 10/8.87
CreationWatches: 9.78/9.75
ChronoShark: 9.25/9.67
National e-tailers in this category
Macys: 5/3.33
Target: 4/3.6

“Our survey shows that smaller e-tailers are aggressively competing for business by taking customer satisfaction very seriously. These online merchants monitor how consumers are rating them on our site, and respond swiftly to remedy any negative opinions or reviews,” said Scott Wainner, founder of ResellerRatings. “Our advice to consumers shopping online this holiday season is to consider the smaller retailers – you might be surprised by the excellent treatment you’ll receive, and you can be assured that they will take your feedback to heart.”

What’s your favorite e-tailer, and why?

ResellerRatings: Smaller Online Retailers Get Higher Satisfaction Ratings from Consumers [ResellerRatings]
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