Amazon Handing Out Digital Flicks As Bonuses For Disc Buys

In a push to get people buying DVDs and Blu-rays online rather than off shelves, Amazon is tossing in a nice little bonus: a digital copy of the film to rent or keep, HD Digest reports:

Over 300 discs qualify, but as that number includes both Blu-ray and standard DVDs as well as different versions of each , the actual amount of titles sits somewhere around 100-150. The list is impressive though. Classics like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ‘The Terminator’ and ‘The Usual Suspects’ all come with a free digital rental. Newer films such as ‘Funny People’ and ‘Bruno’ benefit from the bonus rental as well.

From the Terms of Service it certainly looks like this is something Amazon plans on continuing for new release films. According to one of the rules “If you purchase the qualifying DVD or Blu-ray disc as a pre-order, you will not be able to watch the Amazon Video On Demand version until the applicable DVD or Blu-ray disc is released.”

Is this something that would entice you to buy from Amazon rather than somewhere else?

Amazon Includes Free Digital Rental With Physical Disc Purchases [High-Def Digest]

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