General Mills To Make Kids' Cereals Slightly Less Unhealthy

Well, makers of sugary cereals have failed to convince the public that they can prevent swine flu, and that they’re a legitimate part of a healthy breakfast. Now General Mills will join Kellogg’s in reformulating heir sweetest cereals to contain less sugar.

The Rudd Center [for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University] recently published a study that found the least-healthy breakfast cereals are the most frequently and aggressively marketed directly to children. It also found that General Mills markets to children more than any other cereal company, and six of 10 least-healthy cereals in its study were made by the company.

“Children deserve to be marketed products that are healthier to them than what is being marketed now,” [Rudd Center director kelly] Brownell said.

General Mills said the move is a reaction to consumers’ desire for less sugar, rather than a response to criticism. The company said it has taken a number of steps — including increasing whole grain and nutrients in its cereals — to improve their healthfulness.

It’s a start. I always thought Apple Jacks would actually taste better with less sugar.

General Mills reducing sugar in kids’ cereal [AP] (Thanks, Drew!)

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