Wells Fargo Steps Up, Animals Are Safe

Wells Fargo promised to secure care for the animals left without food and water when a Rhode Island sanctuary for abandoned beasts was foreclosed on.

Although former sanctuary owner Dan MacKenzie named Wells Fargo in his lawsuit to save the animals, a spokesman for the bank came forward to say Wells Fargo was just a trustee on the mortgage. It was American Home Mortgage Servicing that initiated the foreclosure.

The spokesman wrote us in an email:

Thanks to all who have stated their support of the animals. We deeply appreciate the feedback and praise the community for the way it has rallied help for these animals. And while Wells Fargo is not the owner, mortgage servicer, or mortgage originator of the Bonniedale Farms property (rather a trustee for a trust that includes the property’s mortgage), and as such was not involved in initiating this foreclosure, we echo many of your thoughts about ensuring the safety of these animals. As was covered by many media outlets last night and this morning, Wells Fargo is currently working to make sure the animals at the farm are properly cared for.

It looks as though the animals will be well taken care of now, with the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals assuming care, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Wells Fargo promises care for animals on RI farm [AP via Silcon Valley Mercury News]
A happy ending is in the works for rescued farm animals at foreclosed Rhode Island sanctuary [L.A. Times]

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