Radio Shack Nearly Livestronged Me

Even though Radio Shack has promised to tell its employees to manage its Livestrong donations “carefully and correctly,” people are still complaining that sneaky clerks are tricking them into donating.

This is from Melissa in Maryland:

Another Radio Shack donation story. Maybe they will get the message from another unhappy customer.

I visited the Radio Shack in [redacted], MD today to purchase a wireless mouse and a battery for a cordless phone. The employee helped me find the right battery.

Then I went to checkout.

The same employee offered me batteries and a warranty for the $25 mouse. I declined and pulled out my credit card. Before I swiped my card the credit card display asked me if I wanted to make a donation to the Lance Armstrong charity. I selected ‘decline.’ As I was reading the screen the employee said ‘just click accept.’ Assuming she was referring to my credit card (the usual ‘Is $25.00 ok?’ screen), I replied that I had not swiped it yet. It took a second to realize she was trying to get a donation. Then after the transaction she tried to sell me a cell phone.

I know that the Radio Shack employees are judged by their upsells and donations. But this was just silly.

If you’re not as crafty as Melissa at avoiding a Livestronging, hit up or 1-800-THE-SHACK for a refund.

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